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Power point presentations from the 4th Meeting, 20th June 2017, Brussels, Belgium

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Reports from the WGs:

Power point presentations from the Meeting and General Assembly 16th February 2017, in Offenburg (Germany)


The General Assembly 2017 presented a review of the first year of activities and a plan for the activities 2017 and elected the new Steering Committee 2017-2020. Download the agenda


Power point presentations from the Geothermal Technology Workshop 8 September 2016, Brussels.


Geothermal Technology Workshop of the RHC platform and Deep Geothermal ETIP

The event covered the next stages of the Horizon 2020 programme, feedback from ongoing R&D projects, a brokerage event for future consortia, a review of the Geothermal roadmap, and presentations from the IMAGE project.

Download the agenda.

IMAGE event

PowerPoint Presentations from the Inaugural meeting